Gastronomic restaurant in the Basque Country between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz

The four experienced hands of Martin and David Ibarboure can be found each day behind the scenes of the gastronomic restaurant. A connection from possessing the same culinary passion coupled with the inspiration of their Basque roots are two of the most important ingredients of the fragrant and delectable cuisine. 
A one-starred-Michelin restaurant for 25 years...

Dedicated to fine quality local produce, respect of the Basque land, a close working relationship with local producers, the subtle balance between inspiring tradition and modern creativity, the desire to go above and beyond our guests expectations... are some of the many ingredients used in the beautiful dishes between land and sea

The luminous lighting of the gastronomic restaurant evokes the elegance of the 1930s. A friendly high-end service, both discreet and welcoming is always assured by Marie-Claude and Camille. The beautiful terrace provides the same ambiance: comfortably seated around the aesthetic tables, enjoying the view of the sun setting over the famous Rhune Mountain in the tranquil Basque evening.

Profile of the 4 hands


If I were... I would be...

  • A season: the summer, as it's hot.
  • A vegetable: a courgette flower, as they are cultivated during 30 years.
  • A flavour: a rose perfume, because we can taste it.
  • A dessert: a baba, as it can be marinated in rum.
  • An aromatic herb: lemon verbena which grows in our garden.
  • A fruit: an apricot; I love to pick them in July with friends.
  • A sauce: Périgueux sauce, as truffle is a magical product. 
  • My guilty pleasure: eating cherries while I am in Itxassou.
  • A colour: green, like the colours of the fields and the trees of the Basque Country.
  • A wine: A red Irouléguy, as I am a little patriotic.

Profile of the 4 hands


If I were... I would be...

  • A season: the summer, for the sun and to enjoy the warm nights after evening service.
  • A vegetable: a chilli, a pure Basque product which is at the same time sweet and spicy.
  • A flavour: chocolate, warm and intense, it takes me back to the memories of my childhood.
  • A dessert: a vacherin, both iced and crunchy and full of flavour.
  • An aromatic herb: lemon thyme, for the magical aroma between thyme and lemon.
  • A fruit: a marinated peach, poached in a spicy sangria.
  • A sauce: a Basquaise sauce, the sauce of our regions excellence. 
  • My guilty pleasure: A strawberry ice cream to share with my kids between services.
  • A colour: blue, the colour of the sky and the ocean... and that of our dreams.
  • A wine: a Côte Rôtie wine that I love, a small-scale production of very high quality.

Our production partners

  • Axuria, Pyrénées lamb.
  • The Bastellica family, for their aromatic herbs.
  • Jean Luc Garbage, with his colourful tomatoes and miniature vegetables. 
  • Monsieur Goicoechea, for the Banka trout.
  • Madame Etchelecu, for the eggs and strawberries. 
  • The Domaine Arretxea, for the Irouleguy red wine with its spice flavours. 
  • Paxkal Sorhondo sheep's cheese and the Egurza farm.


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